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General Information

Name Meta_Object_View
Entity Type External
Description This entity contains the definition of user-defined data object views (DOVs) for the model version. A data object view is different from a standard database view in that it has associated meta data.
Submodel Meta
Entity Scope Meta
Primary Key Name , Scope_Name , Sub_Type
Natural Key Name , Scope_Name , Sub_Type
Generalizations Meta_Program_Text


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NameValue DomainProperty /
Storage Unit
DescriptionRequired /
Base_Entity STRING64 NA
The name of the primary entity on which the object view is based. An object view may draw attributes from more than one underlying entity but is always based on (derives its id from) exactly one base entity. No
The name of the program module. Yes
Program_Text CLOB NA
The text of the program module expressed in some programming language such as PL/SQL or TSQL. No
Public_Flag boolean NA
A flag that indicates if the object is public, i.e., a user-defined custom object (value = 1 (True)); or is defined and owned by Seabed (value = 0 (False)). The default value is 0 (False). No
Scope_Name CODE NA
The name of the scope of the program module. The scope indicates the area of influence or coverage within which this entity operates. Examples of possible values for scope are: System - this entity lives at the system level, an example is a user: Data Dictionary - this entity lives at the data dictionary level, an example is a meta entity: Project - the scope of this entity is a single project - an example is a well or borehole: and Reference - this entity exists within the reference scope - an example is a well status lookup table. Yes
Sub_Type CODE NA
The sub type of program module. The valid values are: Trigger, View, Procedure, ObjectView, SpatialView, and Function. Yes

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