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General Information

Name Degasser
Entity Type Table
Description This vessel is used for gas contamination removal. It consists of a vessel that has inclined flat surfaces in thin layers and a vacuum pump. The mud is allowed to flow over the inclined thin layers, which helps break out entrained gas in the mud. The vacuum pump reduces the pressure in the vessel to about 5 psia, which extracts the gas from the mud. This device is about 99% efficient.
Submodel WS_Surface_Facility
Entity Scope Project
Primary Key Id
Natural Key
Generalizations Tracked_Facility , Facility , Entity , IT_Object , Tracked_Object


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NameValue DomainProperty /
Storage Unit
DescriptionRequired /
Address_Id Address
The address of the Tracked Facility No
Catalog_Cost double No_Unit
The catalog cost of the piece of equipment or facility expressed in the currency denoted by the attribute Catalog_Currency No
Catalog_Currency R_Currency
The currency in which the catalog cost is expressed. No
Catalog_Number STRING64 NA
A catalog or part number for a facility. No
A reference value that describes the state of existence in the lifecycle of the entity, for example, Planned, Predicted, Required, Simulated, and Actual. Yes
Facility_Equipment_Flag CODE NA
A flag to denote whether a given facility should be treated as a facility (F), a piece of equipment (E) or both (B). A facility labeled as F represents a role (e.g. ESP) played by physical piece(s) of equipment and would not have attributes like serial number, manufacturer etc. It can be related to the physical pieces(s) of equipment using Facility_Composition. The individual physical pieces can be replaced if they need to be, without changing the facility. A Facility labeled as E represents a physical piece of equipment (e.g. Drill Pipe) which is normally used in the context of an activity and would not be permanently installed. A facility labeled as B represents both a physical piece of equipment as well as the role played by it. If this kind of Facility is connected in the network and stops working and needs to be replaced, then all connections to this Facility are expired and new connections are made to the replacement facility. No
Globally Unique IDentifier for an instance of a class. USAGE NOTES: There are two cases: 1) GUID is not populated or used; and 2) it is populated with a value that is globally unique. If the GUID is populated there are two means of doing so for a given project: 2a) Seabed automatically generates and populates the GUID when an instance is created (valid only on Oracle based systems); and 2b) the GUID is generated and populated by an application (other than Seabed) on instance creation. Whether Seabed automatically generates GUIDs for a project is determined by the Auto_GUID flag in SDS_Account. Note that techniques 2a and 2b can coexist in the same project. When GUIDs are automatically generated an application can override the automatically generated GUID with its own GUID by simply supplying the GUID value. Applications that generate their own GUIDs and populate the GUID column will function correctly on projects which have automatic GUID generation turned on. No
Id ID No_Unit
Unique identifier for this entity. Yes
Insert_Date DATE NA
Date the entity was created in the repository No
Insert_User STRING64 NA
The name of the user responsible for the creation of this entity in the repository. No
Inventory_Id STRING64 NA
The formal identification for a piece of equipment, a serial number or inventory ID No
Manufacture_Date DATE NA
Date of manufacturing the facility. No
Manufacturer STRING64 NA
Name of the business associate who manufactured the item. No
Material_Type STRING64 NA
The primary material type of facility. No
Max_Vacuum_Range double Short_Length
Maximum vacuum range. The level of vacuum attained is function mud weight, mud viscosity, the height of the degasser above the mud surface, and the capability of the vacuum pump. No
Min_Vacuum_Range double Short_Length
Minimum vacuum range. The level of vacuum attained is function mud weight, mud viscosity, the height of the degasser above the mud surface, and the capability of the vacuum pump. No
Model_Name STRING64 NA
Name of a model or version of some entity; for equipment, it may coincide with the trade name. No
The name given to any object or data item, e.g. name of Well, name of Field, etc. No
Nominal_Flow_Rate double Mud_Flowrate
Nominal flow rate for the water. Flow rates for viscous muds are less. Flow rates for heavy, viscous gas cut muds are much less. No
Original_Source STRING64 NA
The name of the person, Organization or project source that originally provided this entity, e.g. "IHS-EnergyData" or "FinderUpper Stratton Deeper Pool 15" No
Produced_By STRING64 NA
The name of application role that created the entity, for data created programmatically. No
Remarks STRING2000 NA
Any type of remarks added to an entity instance. No
SDAT_Label int No_Unit
Label used by the security system for entitlements. SDAT is Secure Data Access Technology. No
Serial_Number STRING64 NA
The serial number placed on a piece of equipment. No
Size_Description STRING64 NA
A textual description of the size of the piece of equipment. For example 8 1/2 inch. No
Source STRING64 NA
Name of the person or organization responsible for this entitys E and P content and quality. Not the data technologist or IT expert creating the entity, for which see IT_Object.Insert_User and Update_User. No
Sub_Category STRING64 NA
Degassers are classified as either atmospheric or vacuum. To be classified as a vacuum degasser, a unit must maintain a continuous 5 in. of mercury vacuum. No
Update_Date DATE NA
Date of the most-recent modification to the entity. No
Update_User STRING64 NA
The name of the user responsible for the last modification to this entity. No
Vendor_Id Company
The company from which the facility was purchased. No
Version STRING255 NA
The form or variant of the entity. Yes

Refers To

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LinkTo EntityDescriptionImplementation TechniqueRequired
Vendor Company _ Nullify No
Catalog_Currency R_Currency _ Restrict No
Address Address _ Nullify No

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