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General Information

Name Survey_3D
Entity Type Table
Description A 3D survey is a way of collecting data at regularly spaced intervals. It defines the geometry of the locations representing equally spaced intervals of an area.
Submodel Seismic
Entity Scope Project
Primary Key Id
Natural Key Name , Application_Project_Id , Existence_Kind , Version
Generalizations Seismic_Survey , Entity , IT_Object , Tracked_Object


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NameValue DomainProperty /
Storage Unit
DescriptionRequired /
Application_Project_Id Application_Project
Refers to the Interpretation project like GeoFrame, OpenWorks etc for which the survey belongs. No
Name of the Country associated with this survey No
Calculated_Area double Area
The calculated are covered by the survey. This value is calculated during the loading of the survey. No
A reference value that describes the state of existence in the lifecycle of the entity, for example, Planned, Predicted, Required, Simulated, and Actual. Yes
Foreign_Rep_Object_Id STRING255 NA
Unique number to identify the object on a foreign system( Expeditor, SeisDB, SDMS). No
Foreign_Repository_System R_Foreign_Rep_System
Refers to the foreign repository system from which the dataset is synchronized. Ex: SeisDB, Expeditor or SDMS No
Globally Unique IDentifier for an instance of a class. USAGE NOTES: There are two cases: 1) GUID is not populated or used; and 2) it is populated with a value that is globally unique. If the GUID is populated there are two means of doing so for a given project: 2a) Seabed automatically generates and populates the GUID when an instance is created (valid only on Oracle based systems); and 2b) the GUID is generated and populated by an application (other than Seabed) on instance creation. Whether Seabed automatically generates GUIDs for a project is determined by the Auto_GUID flag in SDS_Account. Note that techniques 2a and 2b can coexist in the same project. When GUIDs are automatically generated an application can override the automatically generated GUID with its own GUID by simply supplying the GUID value. Applications that generate their own GUIDs and populate the GUID column will function correctly on projects which have automatic GUID generation turned on. No
Geopolitical_Position_Id Position
The geopolitical location in which the survey is located. this is a representative point in the survey used solely for the purpose of describing the city, county, state, province, or offshore block is commonly associated with the survey. It is not necessarily the center or any specific point within the survey. No
Id ID No_Unit
Unique identifier for this entity. Yes
Insert_Date DATE NA
Date the entity was created in the repository No
Insert_User STRING64 NA
The name of the user responsible for the creation of this entity in the repository. No
License_Holder_Id Business_Associate
Refers to the owner of the survey. No
The name given to any object or data item, e.g. name of Well, name of Field, etc. No
Nominal_Area double Area
The nominal area covered by the survey. This value is usually entered by the end user. No
Original_Source STRING64 NA
The name of the person, Organization or project source that originally provided this entity, e.g. "IHS-EnergyData" or "FinderUpper Stratton Deeper Pool 15" No
Parent_3D_Survey_Id Survey_3D
Refers to Parent 3D Survey. No
Produced_By STRING64 NA
The name of application role that created the entity, for data created programmatically. No
Remarks STRING2000 NA
Any type of remarks added to an entity instance. No
SDAT_Label int No_Unit
Label used by the security system for entitlements. SDAT is Secure Data Access Technology. No
Source STRING64 NA
Name of the person or organization responsible for this entitys E and P content and quality. Not the data technologist or IT expert creating the entity, for which see IT_Object.Insert_User and Update_User. No
Survey_Area_Name STRING255 NA
Area where the survey has been conducted. Examples: "Gulf of MEXICO", "North Sea" , "Western Australia" etc. No
Survey_CRS_Id Coordinate_System
The identifier of the coordinate reference system which provides the spheroid, datum and projection for the survey No
Survey_Code R_Survey
Refers to the classification of the 2D or 3D survey, such as 4D, 4C, Hazard. No
Survey_Project_Name STRING255 NA
Project name given for the seismic survey at the time of acquisition. No
Survey_Prospect_Name STRING255 NA
Prospect name for the survey. This further identifies the survey region. No
Survey_Unique_Locator FILE_NAME_STR NA
Unique identifier to locate interpretation application project 3D survey. No
Update_Date DATE NA
Date of the most-recent modification to the entity. No
Update_User STRING64 NA
The name of the user responsible for the last modification to this entity. No
Version STRING255 NA
The form or variant of the entity. Yes

Composed Of

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One WG_Survey_3D

Referenced By

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From EntityLinkDescriptionImplementation TechniqueRequired
Acquisition_3D Survey_3D Refers to the survey of which this acquisition is a part. Cascade No
Cube_Lattice Survey_3D Refers to the survey for which this seismic coordinate geometry belongs to. Cascade No
Property_Cube Survey_3D The Survey_3D that the property cube is associated with. Nullify No
Sail_Line Survey_3D Refers to the 3D survey for which this sail line belongs to. Cascade No
Seismic_Bin_Point_Set Survey_3D A 3D seismic survey whose bin locations are represented by this geometry. Cascade Yes
Seismic_Line Survey_3D The 3D Survey to which the seismic line belongs. This should be used only when the 3D survey is represented as a series of lines. Cascade No
Selection_Item Survey_3D Refers to Survey_3D selected for the business associate. Restrict No
Study_Survey_3D Survey_3D The identifier of a 3D seismic survey that is an element of the study. Nullify No
Survey_3D Parent_3D_Survey Refers to Parent 3D Survey. Restrict No
Survey_3D_Representation Survey_3D The Cube Lattice which defines the geometry for the property cube. Restrict Yes
Survey_Boundary Survey_3D Refers to the 3D survey contained by the survey boundary. Cascade No

Refers To

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LinkTo EntityDescriptionImplementation TechniqueRequired
Foreign_Repository_System R_Foreign_Rep_System Refers to the foreign repository system from which the dataset is synchronized. Ex: SeisDB, Expeditor or SDMS Restrict No
Parent_3D_Survey Survey_3D Refers to Parent 3D Survey. Restrict No
Survey_Code R_Survey _ Restrict No
Survey_CRS Coordinate_System _ Restrict No
Geopolitical_Position Position _ Control No
License_Holder Business_Associate _ Restrict No
Application_Project Application_Project _ Cascade No

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